5 Places The Mole People May Be Hiding

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#5. The Underground City Beijing

The Dixia Cheng Entrance to the Underground City

The Dixia Cheng Entrance to the Underground City

Also known as “Dixia Cheng” Beijing’s underground city is actually a bomb shelter made up from a network of tunnels located underneath the city itself.

It was originally built to protect the Chinese population from a Soviet nuclear strike and is considered to be a very damp, darkened, and spooky place where teenagers make out and possibly hunt for mole people.

The 85 square km tunnels underneath Beijing allow lots of room for the mole people to exercise and indicate that should an invasion commence, hand to hand combat should most likely be avoided.

The complex was originally equipped with restaurants, clinics, schools, theaters, factories, and a roller skating rink. As well, all the farming outlets were suspiciously geared toward foods that the mole people are known too eat. These included a mushroom farm and other foods that require little light to grow.

We’re not sure if there are, or ever were mole people in China, but if there are you can bet you’ll find them somewhere underneath Tiananmen square, the Temple of Heaven, the Forbidden City or the Western Hills of Beijing.

#4. The Catacombs of Rome

The 40 known suburban Roman catacombs were constructed along the consular roads of Rome and are known as the Appian way, the via Ostiense, the via Labicana, the via Tiburtina, and the via Nomentana.

Although many people believe that the Catabombs of Rome were used to bury Christians in secret, this has been proven to be untrue. It is much more likely that these catacombs were used to either trade with ancient mole people or perhaps just as a regular “non secret” burial ground for Christians.

Although most scientists agree that the original construction of Rome had nothing to do with Mole People, they also have to agree that if mole people currently do exist, the catacombs of Rome would be a prime location for them to inhabit.

#3. RESO

RESO or La Ville Souterraine, is located in downtown Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Being the largest underground complex in the world, it is also known as “ville Interieure” or The Indoor City.  The indoor city is comprised of a collection of tunnels that connect shopping malls, apartment buildings, hotels and condos, banks, offices, museums, universities, an amphitheater, arena, as well as bus and train stations.

The connecting tunnels themselves are usually fully air conditioned and large enough to have shops on both sides. In the winter there is central heating, which makes it a very popular spot for those looking to avoid the harsh Canadian winters.

The Underground City Reso is used by ½ a Million people per day, and is full capable of sustaining a population of mole people.

Of course, the mole people would have to  be fluent in French in order to blend in.

#2. Edinburgh Vaults

The Edinburgh Vaults we more than just a place for the serial killers like Burke and Hare to hide their new cadavers.  They also housed taverns, cobblers, tradesmen, and criminals for over 30 years. (on a Daft note the term “Burking” meaning to kill someone by smothering them is attributed to the serial killers Burke and Hare)

The Vaults deteriorated over the years due to poor air quality and damp conditions causing all the reputable businesses to leave, vacating them for the poor. With no running water or sanitation, people would essentially be throwing buckets of fecal matter in the streets. The fecal matter would roll down hill, where the poorest and weakest and sickest families in the underground hell would be forced to live.

Scotland did have a solution for all this however, and that was to build an entirely new Edinburgh over top of the other one so the rich people didn’t have to see such things. This created a sort of “Tale of Two Cities” in Scotland.

Somewhere around 1875 the vault portions of the underground city were filled in with rubble and closed off, possibly due to the fear of a mole people invasion (although these mole people were just really sick humans who lived underground)

The Tunnels were rediscovered by Norrie Rowan and used to help a Romanian Rugby player escape the Romanian secret police.

#1. Paris

Hidden beneath the city of romance is a secret world of catacombs, ancient roman limestone quarries, sewers, and more. The underground of Paris is also complete with an underground shopping center and a central hub express metro system called the RER.

The RER links to the vast collection of tunnels and quarries, some of which have been abandoned and now carry a 1940s retro ghost station feel. This type of unsupervised pathway could potentially make it very easy for the mole people to mobilize unnoticed. In fact these tunnels used to run boat tours underneath the city before bank robbers started using them to escape.

Police also found a fully equipped movie theater in 2004, so the mole people could be using the underground city for their own amusement park as well.

Although now illegal, many urban adventurers still risk going deep underground searching for graffiti from dead Nazis, dead French resistance and looking to find a possible skeleton. For example,  Philbert Aspairt ventured into the underground city in 1793 and never returned. Ironically his skeleton was found only a few yards from the exit. As well, the skeleton of an escaped monkey was found to much to the surprise of Parisians. However, the skeletal find of them all came in 1786 when 6 million skeletons were transferred to the limestone quarries, all stacked up in elaborate patterns.

As exciting as it sounds, exploring the underground city in Paris is no picnic. There are only a few known entrances, and they are all guarded by the police who go after anyone who enters.

Oh well. At least we know the Mole People will have to get through a few cops before the make it into the city.

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