6 Places We May Find The City of Atlantis

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Back somewhere in ancient Greece, a young philosopher by the name of Plato told a story about an idealistic city named Atlantis. Plato said that Atlantis was a “lost civilization” that fell beneath the sea.

Sea explorers have been searching for the lost city ever since, but did Plato send them on a wild goose chase? Did the City of Atlantis ever really exist?

At Daft Gadgets we’ve researched through the evidence of over 100 different crackpots and scientists to bring you the 6 most likely places the underwater city may be found.

1. Bimini Road

In 1938 a psychic by the name of Edgar Cayce used his imaginary powers to determine that Atlantis may be lost somewhere near Bermuda.

In 1968, it looked like there may be some truth to the clairvoyant’s claims when divers came across a mysterious line of stones, now known as the Bimini Road.

Sometimes referred to as the Bimini Wall, Bimini Road is an underwater rock formation near the Bahamas. Some people believe that the Bimini Road was a dry dock where ships could float in and then drained for repairs. Others believe is may hold the key to the lost city of Atlantis.

2. The Azores

As an archipelago in the mid Atlantic, some have postulated that the Azores are more than just beaches where North American tourists can see topless women. The Azores could actually be the remnants of a lost continent from as far back as the age of Pangea.

These beautiful islands of the Portuguese are actually the tips of a chain of underwater mountains. This may be partially attributed to Ignatius Donnelly’s book titled: “Atlantis, the Antediluvian world.”

Evidence has been shown to suggest that even though this area has been an undersea plateau for millions of years, some of these islands have actually risen over 250 meters above sea level.

This tells scientists that the sinking and rising of Atlantis may be a fully natural phenomenon.

3. Spartel Island

Back when humans were fighting the great woolly mammoth (Not to be confused with the great wooly bully by Sam Sham) there was a bunch of ice around the earth that would one day melt bringing an end to what we now call “The ice Age.”

When this happened, it drowned places like Spartel Island.

According to Dr. Jacques Collina Girard in an issue of “Comtes Rendus de l’academie des Sciences,” sea level around Atlantis may have been rising about 4 meters every 100 years during a time called “Meltwater Pulse 1A” This combined with a an earthquake proposed by Marc Andre Guscher may have led to giant tsunamis sweeping away the now lost city.

4. Andalusia

According to German doctor Rainer Kuhne, “fiction imitates fact”

The “lost” city of Tartessos, which disappeared in the 6th century BC, was once part of Andalusia, a region in modern day southern Spain. The Tartessians were traders well known to the Ancient Greeks and as such would have been known to Plato.

Satellite pictures of marshes in the area reveal traces of the Great Circular Walls of Atlantis. As well, the area looks to have been flooded in around 800-500 BCE, which is around the time a lot of researchers feel the city was lost.

Could the lost city of Andalusia be a real city for which a fictional city of Atlantis was based? Or could it be that Tartessians conquered the Alatians? Or did the Tartessians merely set up shop in the same place as the ruined city only to suffer the same fate?

Only time will Tell.

5. Thera

In 1960 Angelos Galanopoulos hypothesized that Thera was actually the site of the capital of Atlantis.
Geologists know that the island of Thera experienced an apocalyptic style eruption in 1600 BCE, practically destroying the island. This may have caused a tidal wave to engulf the entire Minoan civilization on Crete and possibly inspired the Altantis legend.

The reasoning behind the Thera/Alatian speculation include:

  • The Minoans possessed advanced engineering knowledge and technology, including earthquake resistant wood and masonry walls. Yes they probably should have built volcano resistance walls instead, but we said they were “advanced” not “geniuses”
  • Plato didn’t speak of a volcanic eruption, but did speak of an earthquake and a flood. This may also prove that the Alatians were time travelers who accidentally went back in time to save their ancestors from an earthquake instead of a volcanic eruption after reading Plato’s erroneous analysis.
  • Similar Rock quarries are found on Santorini to what Plato spoke.
  • Atlantis was described as having a circular style similar to the scientifically reconstructed shape of Thera before it was blown to smithereens. Of course, its not a jigsaw puzzle, so they could be piecing it together any way they want.

6. Cyprus

American explorer and architect Robert Sarmast created a detailed 3D computer map of the Mediterranean sea floor within the Cyprus Basin. He believes that images from his sonar data show man made structures.

The findings of copper and mini elephants (Cyprus Dwarf Elephants) along with the festival name “Kataklysmos” all support his theory that the lost city lies beneath.

Unlike most scientists, when asked how Atlantis was lost he points to the bible citing Noah’s Flood. However, if it was caused by Noah’s Flood, why didn’t Noah save any of these mini elephants? His instructions were two of each animal and quite frankly it seems like it would be a heck of a lot easier to float and feed two 500lbs mini elephants over their modern day 10 tonne Elephantidae relatives.

Either way, the Atlantis city is unlikely to be found until someone dons a killer skuba suit that can take a diver below to the deepest depths of the ocean, or Aquaman returns from his vacation.

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