Drivemocion Car Messaging Sign LED Gadget

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Let the Other Drivers Know How You Feel!

Now you can be part of a universal message of Karma. If someone lets you merge into their lane send them a smiling face or press the “thanks” button. Of course, there are times when someone could be riding your tail. Don’t worry, the led emoticon has a “Back Off” feature programmed in.  On very very rare almost unheard of situations, you may find that you made a driving error or accidentally cut another driver off.   Luckily there is a “sorry” feature for just such a freak occurrence.


The Driving LED Emoticon is a battery powered, and comes with a wireless remote control that you can use to activate the controlled message sign. The sign is attached to the rear window of your car easily and securely via suction cup.  With just the touch of a button you can display any one of 5 Different Messages – “smiling face”, “winking face”, “Thanks”, “Back Off” and “Sorry”.


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